Sheesha or Shihsa is also known as water pipe or Hookah is basically smocking device in which smock cooled and filtered by water.

A recent study shows that sheesha or shisha is serious threat to the health of teenagers, Lahore Escort especially the girls. This habit was found to be most prevalent in the 16-25 years age group with 70% sheesha smokers being male and 30% females. There is another dangerous thing about sheesha and that is the use of prohibited and additive substances in more than 30% of sheesha outlets by owners or by smokers.

Sheesha smocking may result in low fertility rates among girls and increase the chances of fetal abnormalities, posing a major threat to their health. Other harmful impacts of sheesha smocking includes heart disease, stroke, muscle and joints ailments, headache, and may also lead to cancers of lips, tongue, mouth, lungs and stomach. Besides posing a serious threat to teenager’s mental and physical health the sheesha smoke also affected those sitting in the vicinity of the smokers, which is called second-hand or passive smoking.